Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Dream Wedding

Im starting the details as of now..♥

Don't have a groom yet, but it doesn't matter.
He's on his way now.I believe.*giggle*

 I want myself to organize all the details and the rest would be the Euphoria's work,
my group organizer. A low-budgeted yet elegant Heaven on Earth-Themed Wedding.
I hope they will have time to organize this. Our group are used to have a low-budgeted
 unique arrangements and I think it would be possible.

 Does it sounds exciting?heheh The songs would be my favorite picks. And I wanted Mr.Sax to play the saxophone at the Church. He plays perfect.

I'd be updating about this from time to time.
Three to four years from now, Im a married woman to a lovely man prepared for me by the heaven
In a perfect time. ♥♥♥


  1. daw adik ka bala joy!...tawa ko ah,,hehehe

  2. hahah...feeling ko lapit ko nlg xa makita rose.
    aren't you excited??because everybody's excited.haha
    poh di pko pkasal kng di ko kaabroad.whaha

  3. pasalubong lang akun joy ah!:)
    shirt will do!:)
    lagaw ta joy!:)

  4. wla pa gani..baw...
    dapat libuton ko anai ang asian countries
    before pakasal.♥ XD

  5. Replies
    1. ano na ang lyk2 man?cno ka?haha
      hay this blog is going public.put your name plz so i can recognize you..haha ^_^



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