Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crazy first day at school

Just this morning before going to our area, we talked with the Director. I know she's a bit disappointed that we did not inform her on the date we had promised her. She told us that she think we're not coming back at all. So we explained that we went to school to see her and had informed Sir Mark on the phone. Actually I got surprised when she told us that Sir Mark did not phone her. Thanks to God. She's really on the mood. She said in a low tone voice, "But, if you do this again, I will not accept you. Because what you did is not good." We nod and I forgot what lines came out my mouth, if I asked for an apology or gave her a small explanation or what. I don't know. hahaha All I can remember, "You can time in now." We said thank you so much Director and left. I was hesitant to give her the gift. But Lord, you are so loud. So I gave it to the information.

 My gosh Lord. I did what you had told me. And now, I can't get it over my head. I feel so overwhelmed but at the same time I'm shy to look at her eyes again. LOL Lord, but anyway thank you for the courage and for waking me up at 3-o'clock just to be sure I'd get the message. But really, I feel like fainting, feel a little shy after giving her a little gift with the short letter you have told me. Hahaha


THE LOVE LETTER.. tanaaaaa ^_^
Dearest Director,
I thank God for giving me so many favors through you. I came back not because of the offer and the like but of something else. I just see something in your eyes that's tellin' me we're connected in some other ways. With this, I knew you will be one of the special people who will aid me in my spiritual growth. Thank you so much. May your heart be blessed with so much light and love. Thank you for showing us your kindness. 

Love and peace,
P.S. Accept this little gift. Delicacies from my country. =)

So what now? hahah What's with the letter? Why I was the one who's so uncalm? LOL

On the afternoon, while I was cleaning the room, Sir Mark told me if I want to work overtime because Director will give me an additional pay for my labor. haaaaaaa (I remember the letter again. And AAAAaaaaaaaah. Shouting inside my head) I said,  "I will think about it Sir. "

I was thinking if I still can add this up on my workload.

Sir Mark, "It's okay,but don't tell anyone yet. She said she will think about it again"
Me: Ok. Ok. Thank you Sir Mark.

In my thought, "She's not mad?hmm..okay. I thought I was the only one who needs to think? She is too?"


But thank you so much LORD. MORE Crazy days to come. Yahooooo!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

I am at PEACE

Sometimes, I just couldn't say so.
Wonderin' if you ever wanted to hear
Your silence, I know nothing about.
My mind, my heart - it's different
I feel at peace.
Are you trying to build a bridge?
Or am I starting to loose the thread?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hearts Are Everywhere

♥ Love Pudding
August 12, 2012
Made a pudding last night.put few slices on the fridge
that were left uneaten.On the morning,I took it out for
breakfast.My mom and sis each took a slice and left the
kitchen.When I was about to take mine, Im surprised to see
a tiny heart formed.CUUUUUTE! It made my day ^^

♥ Love Scar
July 23, 2012

My bro and dad were on duty.
My mom and sister went shopping.
The youngest was at school.
I am left alone.Well, the usual case.
While Im frying, I got myself burned with a hot oil.
the first time it happened as far as I can remember.
Washed with water then treated my left hand with aloe.
TADAN! *Brown-out* Twas a great timing, when I reached out
for the flashlight at the window,it wasn't there.
Too dark but I made myself to my mom's room by creeping.
Thank God. Back to the kitchen, after a few mins the lights went on.
How to call that day? Malas? Maybe?

At the end of the day, I asked something from God.

5 Days After..
I noticed something on my left hand.The scar formed into heart.
Forgive the low quality photo.XD But I showed it in the house
and they also can't believe.Im surprised at the same time amazed.
My confusion level dropped to 2.haha

So instead of feeling pain, I rejoice seeing it on my hand.haha
Lovely lovely, isn't it?? I just realized that day was really a

BubLove in a fishbowl
Two fishes in love = heart bubbles
This photo is from peggy.
She had witnessed my heart sighting
when I saw a cloud formation of I <3 u last may 4.I wasn't able to
take a photo on it.But i remember,twas a full moon.On that day on,
it made her love hearts and she's starting too see them too.
It's kinda contagious.haha

August 28,2012
I forgot why I was eating alone that time.Sleepy while eating.
I was about to spoon the mango. Actually I did already, you can see
that spoon mark at the heart center. I was to eat it. When...
HEART! #CaptureTheMoment.haha

August 29, 2012
zombie moment while cutting leaves at the kitchen.I was awakened to
see a hole formed into heart in a leaf(tugabang). SUPER HAPPY!haha
I know you know what makes my day LORD

Sept 6, 2012
Everybody's not around.
Thanks to Sky and Jadoo for the company.
I so much love these guys despite their "KULIT" attitude.
You wont feel alone in the house.^^
*Making vegetable salad* when I was about to shred the carrots,
as usual, HEART! That what keeps me awake!

@Alegre side with HANNAH and RHEA (2011)

My spa. after tiring days of duty - it feels good to soak with
crystal clear salty water every weekend starting 11am .
Complete elements- water,air,fire,earth.A well-balanced place.
what's amazing there, the blue stones I got on my every visit which
only me can see. A somewhat magical place ^^
That pix was took and cropped by Rhea. She showed me,"joi,malipay
ka gid kng mkita mo ni."
Me: Ano na haw?
Rei: lantawa bla..ngform heart.
Me: halaaaaaaaaa..
Rei: my isa pa gid.
Me: hala ka weirddddd..pero ka nice.thank you

Meet hearty..
August 29, 2012
Hannah & Krista, Mom's adopted,sisters by heart, surprised
me at where they are.Because they told me the day before they're
going to Iloilo. So I called.
*sudden shift of sails?hahaha*
Peg: Nang, pakta din kami.
Me: Din na kamo aw?
Peg: indi kami gani mgpati ari kami di ni koala..
Me: Cebu??
Peg: OO nang, ari kami sbng Alegre..pakadto kami sa beach na prmi nio
Me: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 2od?? mga buang.ahai na miss ko da..
Blue stones lang akon.. ai ndi gale,,heart na lg.
Peg: Ari na kami di nang, pahangin2.. wala gid di blue stones. para lang
gid to gro cmu.Nang lakat2 ko to danai hu.ari c koala..
Me: hello han..te, musta na cla nanay?
Han: Ok mlg di cla.damo na di ngchange sa dagat.nagtinlo na gid.My cr pa.
Me: Hala 2od?
*peg shouting*
Peg: Nang jooooooi! Kita ko heart! Heart gid xia ya,halaa kanami.
perfect heart gid xia ya..

Timing? I found that place mysteriously mystical and beautiful.
And my blue stones too.. ^_^
Thanks so much peggy and koala for bringing Hearty to me..
Im touched!I remember the moments when I found those blue stones.
*Jumping with joy*

Mae: hala ngis bac may naluyag to cmo na Shokoi.
Joi: bac noh?haha shokoi gid ya??
Mae: or mangingisda..
Joi: *on my bed staring at the heart coral* ngiiis???
Mae: or ang business niya fish
Joi: haha ok..*peeping at holes*
Mae: favorite color ya blue...
...or hilig xia sa water
...bac seaman?
...halaa..seaman 2od ngis.
Joi: *wala sapak* *staring intently at the coral and its holes*
ok ngis ah..himu2 ka namn storya.
Mae: gatuod bla ang ginahambl ko ngis
Joi: Weh????
Mae: 2od man..
Joi: wala ko labot kung cno mana xia..
basta nalipay ko di ya sa heart haha

Hearty and I are bedmates when asleep.^^

Heaven's surprises-
"a way of reminding that you're not alone.You are LOVED"
Maybe one of the reasons why until now Im not committed?
haha its because I enjoyed being ALONE.
I have EVERYTHING I needed.There's just one thing my heart's
missing-TRUE LOVE. Though I may not have the chance to be with him yet.
Im not desperate. You can't control forces.You can't control time. However, having that
connection is more than just owning him. Because in any ways his heart only belongs to the one.^^
Someday, it'll go back to its rightful
owner. There's no need to hurry.
In God's way. In God's time. It'll be our time.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Believe If You Do

Ok fine.


I'm tired telling anybody about this same plain old story-that's for them.
They don't know it isn't just a story.Its something extraordinary.
Because for them it doesn't make sense at all.
"Go,move on!" bla on,and so forth.
I don't blame anybody or force them to believe.
Only extraordinary soul can understand it.

Anyway.. that birthday message is something i was told about to do.
Not actually my idea.The day before 23, i woke up at 2-3am and was unable to get myself
back to sleep. You know that thing, that voice?Its telling me this,
"Note what I am about to say and tell him this"
I just did.
Even me couldn't believe I wrote those things.
Ignore if you don't believe but I'm telling the truth.

Some people may believe you.
It could be sometimes, always or never.

But whatever, whenever, wherever life takes you

Be firm.
Have faith.

Anyway, life is not about them.

Its about you..

and God.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Day!

To forget you is n0t easy,bc0z if it were,
I would have d0ne that a l0ng time ago.

I wonder if I ever cross your mind
Because I can't put you off my head.
Y0u are etched in my s0ul.
Nobody neither time n0r distance could ever change.
Neither rejecti0n n0r you
finding/l0ving an0thr w0man or YOU could break me.
Me and my love could only grow more stronger.
If this is what they called true love,let it be.

I love you in a way you can never imagine.
I love you with all my heart and s0ul.
You never kn0w h0w hard it is to put this into w0rds,
but this is all i can c0me up with.

If you find this w0rds unreal, ign0re it.

I wish it'll 0nly be a dream.
If ever id leave this dream behind,wud u stil rmmbr me?
A s0ul wh0's loving you s0 true?

I'm starting to like someone.he's s0me s0rt 0f an ideal man.
He's real. And s0 r u, aren't you?
Thank God I've met you in real life
0r else i w0nt believe you exist.
Or perhaps you'll always be that man in my dreams.
And il be that woman dreamin' 0f you every single night and day.
I guess it'll be as something like this.

Till n0w.



You'll always be a bit 0f my reality and
I'll only be that dream to you.

You and me

...0nly in a dream.

H0w can i forget your birthday
when 2-3m0nths before your special day,

I always have date pr0mpts whenever
I happened t0 check my cp's 0r c0mputer tym or
see them 0n paper constantly.

Was it just a c0incident?at first I believe it is.

7:23,__:23, july 23.
0vr again.
I feel like nuts.

C0incidence happens only once, twice.

And I feel there's something weird about it.
D0 you think im making up all of this?
Im trying to see what happens 0n may 23,june 23.
But nothing happened s0 special.
I was thinkng my d0g will give birth 0n july 23,
but 2 weeks ag0 she did and that was earlier than i had expectd.

S0 i dont have any idea at all what's with 23 except that its your birthday.
And maybe wait for that day for something special to happen.

The people up there wanted me t0 greet
and extend their wishes to you.
You don't believe in them,d0 u?
Fr0m d very depth 0f my s0ul,
and from your friends who always watch over you,
"A Blessed Happy birthday! "

The b0tt0m line there is,

I l0ve you n0t bc0z you l0ve me or you dont.
I l0ve you bc0z I just l0ve you.
I dont have t0 find reas0ns t0 l0ve u,
because I DONT HAVE ANY actually.
Simply, I just do.
Maybe i am b0rn t0 d0 that for you.
Unc0nditi0nally. ^_^

You don't have to do anything.
Im not expecting for your reply.
All I want is for you to know.
Just as THEY wanted me to do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If you have loved someone so much in that your world
only revolves in him and proclaimed you have found
true love, its a big lie

True love is loving yourself to the very core of your
being from the tiniest to biggest creature in this
planet, expanding that loving energies in the universe
to the whole cosmos.

Knowing that everything which has been created from the Source is interconnected to you. Thus, you mau say you have found TRUE LOVE.

Coz true love is never limited.
It is soul-expanding. It's universal.
It's the greatest thing that connects us to the Source.
Attaining true love is the greatest thing and the highest purpose of being
alive on this Earth.

Best Is What I Deserve

papa: ngaa ndi ka cia?
me: di ko xa b feel
papa: pafeel2 nlg na gle ya? 
me:   ok, try ko liwat 

 Few days after with my mom, 
doctor : *censored* bla bla bla bla bla bla  bla bla bla bla 
me: ok 

I felt in discord with your words
Did you at least tried?
Don't tell me there's no way.
There has to be a way.
Show, don't tell.

i don't find it therapeutic nor true. 
I know i should not have listened to him at all.
But with due respect, i did. 
And left with a heavy feeling trying all my might to feel good.
I feed my thoughts with wonderful statements. 

 God will find me someone better.I don't doubt your credentials, maybe you're not the one I'm looking for. Thank you. 

Sometimes you can never control the circumstances. 
But never allow negative energies to enter your being.
It does no good. 

 In time, i believe could find somebody 
who have the courage to deal with this past issue. 
Who can do something not just telling 
To shed light with pure intention 
and has the spirit to believe with the impossible. 

 I deserve the best!=) 

 Okay, back to feeling good.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heaven on Earth

I don't know how to describe my current emotions.hahah ♥

Experiences that can be defined are bound w

ithin the physical realm
Beyond that, nobody could ever comprehend.
There are no words to define that experience.
Coz they can't until they experience it themselves.

And the only best word you can actually came up is:

P . E . R . F . E . C . T!"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Value Yourself More

Everytime you came across a beautiful or sexy woman, never get jealous nor insecure.

You are






With all your heart 'n mind to the deepest core of your being, live with that TRUTH.Because you are wonderfully made by God.

You are more than what the eyes can see.
And only those people who sees with their heart and soul can appreciate the true beauty from within.♥


Kenny G in my Dreams

OMY! ahaha

Last time I dreamt of a man with long curly hair..
I wonder for days who he is..and what could be his role in my life.

And then the night before my cousins' wedding, me and my friends had arranged the table. 
A man, Mr.Sax as we called him, had just arrived from Japan to witness my cousin's wedding.
He played sax on the day of the event, a very soulful music. 

Not that I'm sad but because of the high frequencies that filled my entire body - a tingling sensation, it brought me into shiver and tears. *dream of walking down the aisle with this background music *

Then I just discovered I had the same music saved in my computer --- played by kenny G 
which leads into morning addiction.hahah And thank you! A newly borned preference. I want it played on my wedding please ^_^

And then, I crave for more sax music and found out the man I had in my dream is Kenny G.hahaha 
Oh well ♥ Not that weird at all coz my dreams had always a way of manifesting into reality. 
And that's what I like about me dreaming.^_^


Currently raising vibration frequency to attune with the light and achieve harmony and balance with the universe.^_^ #addictedtosax

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Dream Wedding

Im starting the details as of now..♥

Don't have a groom yet, but it doesn't matter.
He's on his way now.I believe.*giggle*

 I want myself to organize all the details and the rest would be the Euphoria's work,
my group organizer. A low-budgeted yet elegant Heaven on Earth-Themed Wedding.
I hope they will have time to organize this. Our group are used to have a low-budgeted
 unique arrangements and I think it would be possible.

 Does it sounds exciting?heheh The songs would be my favorite picks. And I wanted Mr.Sax to play the saxophone at the Church. He plays perfect.

I'd be updating about this from time to time.
Three to four years from now, Im a married woman to a lovely man prepared for me by the heaven
In a perfect time. ♥♥♥

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