Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Day!

To forget you is n0t easy,bc0z if it were,
I would have d0ne that a l0ng time ago.

I wonder if I ever cross your mind
Because I can't put you off my head.
Y0u are etched in my s0ul.
Nobody neither time n0r distance could ever change.
Neither rejecti0n n0r you
finding/l0ving an0thr w0man or YOU could break me.
Me and my love could only grow more stronger.
If this is what they called true love,let it be.

I love you in a way you can never imagine.
I love you with all my heart and s0ul.
You never kn0w h0w hard it is to put this into w0rds,
but this is all i can c0me up with.

If you find this w0rds unreal, ign0re it.

I wish it'll 0nly be a dream.
If ever id leave this dream behind,wud u stil rmmbr me?
A s0ul wh0's loving you s0 true?

I'm starting to like someone.he's s0me s0rt 0f an ideal man.
He's real. And s0 r u, aren't you?
Thank God I've met you in real life
0r else i w0nt believe you exist.
Or perhaps you'll always be that man in my dreams.
And il be that woman dreamin' 0f you every single night and day.
I guess it'll be as something like this.

Till n0w.



You'll always be a bit 0f my reality and
I'll only be that dream to you.

You and me

...0nly in a dream.

H0w can i forget your birthday
when 2-3m0nths before your special day,

I always have date pr0mpts whenever
I happened t0 check my cp's 0r c0mputer tym or
see them 0n paper constantly.

Was it just a c0incident?at first I believe it is.

7:23,__:23, july 23.
0vr again.
I feel like nuts.

C0incidence happens only once, twice.

And I feel there's something weird about it.
D0 you think im making up all of this?
Im trying to see what happens 0n may 23,june 23.
But nothing happened s0 special.
I was thinkng my d0g will give birth 0n july 23,
but 2 weeks ag0 she did and that was earlier than i had expectd.

S0 i dont have any idea at all what's with 23 except that its your birthday.
And maybe wait for that day for something special to happen.

The people up there wanted me t0 greet
and extend their wishes to you.
You don't believe in them,d0 u?
Fr0m d very depth 0f my s0ul,
and from your friends who always watch over you,
"A Blessed Happy birthday! "

The b0tt0m line there is,

I l0ve you n0t bc0z you l0ve me or you dont.
I l0ve you bc0z I just l0ve you.
I dont have t0 find reas0ns t0 l0ve u,
because I DONT HAVE ANY actually.
Simply, I just do.
Maybe i am b0rn t0 d0 that for you.
Unc0nditi0nally. ^_^

You don't have to do anything.
Im not expecting for your reply.
All I want is for you to know.
Just as THEY wanted me to do.


  1. thank you so much ms.joi, you're such a wonderful friend. ^^


    1. thank u. ^_^
      you are too, i know.

  2. :)
    wla naku me ma comment!:)
    supportahan ta na lang ka joy ah!:)
    now clear na ang tanan...:)

    1. wla man ko my mcomment.hahaha
      daw wla ko man nfeel nglain akon buot..
      no comment.
      God knows the truth.^_^



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