Friday, July 27, 2012

Believe If You Do

Ok fine.


I'm tired telling anybody about this same plain old story-that's for them.
They don't know it isn't just a story.Its something extraordinary.
Because for them it doesn't make sense at all.
"Go,move on!" bla on,and so forth.
I don't blame anybody or force them to believe.
Only extraordinary soul can understand it.

Anyway.. that birthday message is something i was told about to do.
Not actually my idea.The day before 23, i woke up at 2-3am and was unable to get myself
back to sleep. You know that thing, that voice?Its telling me this,
"Note what I am about to say and tell him this"
I just did.
Even me couldn't believe I wrote those things.
Ignore if you don't believe but I'm telling the truth.

Some people may believe you.
It could be sometimes, always or never.

But whatever, whenever, wherever life takes you

Be firm.
Have faith.

Anyway, life is not about them.

Its about you..

and God.


  1. akig ka joy?!:)
    lain gd buot mo?!

  2. i don't mean to offend you...:(
    i'm just too insensitive i guessed...:(

  3. ha?? ngaa man? wla gid bla mu..haha
    what makes you think that?
    i know it doesn't make sense man gid.
    falling in love,knowing nga di ko man gid xa xado kila2
    and i don't blame people for my stupid mistakes.=)
    it's just that, amo lg gd na.damgo lg by?hahaha
    damgo lg to.^_^

  4. daw adik eh,,haha
    no harm done.=p



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