Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crazy first day at school

Just this morning before going to our area, we talked with the Director. I know she's a bit disappointed that we did not inform her on the date we had promised her. She told us that she think we're not coming back at all. So we explained that we went to school to see her and had informed Sir Mark on the phone. Actually I got surprised when she told us that Sir Mark did not phone her. Thanks to God. She's really on the mood. She said in a low tone voice, "But, if you do this again, I will not accept you. Because what you did is not good." We nod and I forgot what lines came out my mouth, if I asked for an apology or gave her a small explanation or what. I don't know. hahaha All I can remember, "You can time in now." We said thank you so much Director and left. I was hesitant to give her the gift. But Lord, you are so loud. So I gave it to the information.

 My gosh Lord. I did what you had told me. And now, I can't get it over my head. I feel so overwhelmed but at the same time I'm shy to look at her eyes again. LOL Lord, but anyway thank you for the courage and for waking me up at 3-o'clock just to be sure I'd get the message. But really, I feel like fainting, feel a little shy after giving her a little gift with the short letter you have told me. Hahaha


THE LOVE LETTER.. tanaaaaa ^_^
Dearest Director,
I thank God for giving me so many favors through you. I came back not because of the offer and the like but of something else. I just see something in your eyes that's tellin' me we're connected in some other ways. With this, I knew you will be one of the special people who will aid me in my spiritual growth. Thank you so much. May your heart be blessed with so much light and love. Thank you for showing us your kindness. 

Love and peace,
P.S. Accept this little gift. Delicacies from my country. =)

So what now? hahah What's with the letter? Why I was the one who's so uncalm? LOL

On the afternoon, while I was cleaning the room, Sir Mark told me if I want to work overtime because Director will give me an additional pay for my labor. haaaaaaa (I remember the letter again. And AAAAaaaaaaaah. Shouting inside my head) I said,  "I will think about it Sir. "

I was thinking if I still can add this up on my workload.

Sir Mark, "It's okay,but don't tell anyone yet. She said she will think about it again"
Me: Ok. Ok. Thank you Sir Mark.

In my thought, "She's not mad?hmm..okay. I thought I was the only one who needs to think? She is too?"


But thank you so much LORD. MORE Crazy days to come. Yahooooo!


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